Window cleaning, although it sounds very straightforward has a multiplicity of disciplines and challenges. Every time I think that I have seen all there is to see, I come across a type of window system that I haven't encountered before.


Even though most look alike, the reality is that unless you have the same installer install your windows at the same time as your neighbor literally, chances are you will have a different window than they do. There are hundreds of types and constructions of windows available and thousands that are no longer made, but have to be addressed as you come in contact with them. Even just the smallest error in manufacturing or installation can make for the most difficult time in open and closing windows, getting the screens out of the window and more importantly putting them back in.


It is amazing the amount of equipment that can be required to effectively and efficiently clean windows. Everything from gloves, shoe covers, and drop cloths to protect floors and furnishings in the home, to 3 in 1 oil and rubber mallets just to get a window open. We carry a complete tool kit because you never know what you may come across  We have had to remove plantation shutters to get the screens off the second story windows and bring them into the house to keep from dropping them to the ground and potentially damaging them. It is amazing how much it takes to clean windows. Just moving ladders around the landscaping without damaging it and still securing them safely can be quite a challenge.


So if you want a window cleaner that hasn't seen it ALL, but has seen most of it, give us a call.

Window Cleaning